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released November 15, 2013



Track Name: Jerknerd
You make me the happiest I've ever been
When we talk on the phone I just wanna sing
About how much I wanna kiss you
And just how much I really miss you

When you're at work and I'm at home
If we had our way we would never be alone
All our exes called us clingy
But they don't know a freaking thingy

About how dependent I am on you
I think you're dependent on me too
Some may say that that's unhealthy
But hey so far it's been pretty steady

Sometimes I'm worried that we'll mess it up
With terms of endearment like Jerknerd but
I think we both know that when we're mean
We're just trying to hide all our squeeing

About how cute I think your face is
And how you want to take me to all these places
Skinny dipping in Clinton Lake
And then go home and bake vegan cupcakes

[[ Alternate ending/Director's cut: ]]
About how cute I think your butt is
And how we're gonna cause such a ruckus
Skinny dipping in Clinton Lake
And then go home and masturbate